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What is CBM?

1 personalized PhD program using computational methods, often in conjunction with experimental approaches, to solve problems across a broad spectrum of biomedical disciplines

The Tri-Institutional PhD Program in Computational Biology & Medicine brings together the exceptional educational and research resources of Cornell University in Ithaca, its Medical College in New York City (Weill Cornell Medicine), Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and The Rockefeller University. Students have varied research projects from which to choose and are mentored by our unparalleled program faculty across these three outstanding campuses.

When students graduate, their research experience, prominent publications in high quality scientific journals, and presentations at both national and international conferences enable them to become leaders in computational biology.


dynamic learning environments

During their training, our students experience two exceptional environments – the beautiful college-town campus in Ithaca and the cosmopolitan excitement of New York City. Both locations provide access to world-class academic and research centers with a range of resources to enhance their graduate training experiences.



outstanding institutions for unprecedented research opportunity


modes of research

Computation and Research

unlimited research opportunities, such as computational genomics and gene regulation, quantitative and systems biology, cancer biology and genomics, structural biology and biophysics, and computational neuroscience.


of a small number of programs in the field to be selected by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to receive a T32 pre-doctoral training grant. This award provides support for CBM’s generous student funding, and, more importantly, is recognition by the NIH and our peers of training excellence.